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the only thing i'm sure of.

Have Sex In Costume or Uniform

every dream I've ever had.


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  • I Pity Any Girl That Isn't Me, by crynintherain (NC-17, AU, as a girl)
  • It's Halloween, Anything Can Happen!, by deviant_dev (NC-17, Priestly/Jason Voorhees)
  • It's The Badge, Isn't It?, by kelleigh (part of the J2 CSI 'verse) (NC-17, AU, FBI agent/C.S.I.)
  • Let Me Give You That, by earthquakedream (NC-17, AU, w/Danneel, cheating gf/angry bf)
  • Little Red Fantasy, by nanoks (NC-17, red riding hood/big bad wolf)
  • Lord Have Mercy, by deviant_dev (NC-17, master/slave)
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  • Running Lines, by alakewood (NC-17, as fictional versions of themselves)
  • Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, by sasha_dragon (NC-17, Jensen as a cowboy)(Companions: Howdy Partner! & Is That A Six Shooter In Your Pocket...?)
  • Surprise, by jadedpen (NC-17, Jared as a hooker)
  • The Quickening Breath, by __tiana__ (NC-17, as strangers)
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  • Voir Dire (And Nothing But the Truth), So Sue Me & Fighting Words Doctrine, by kelleigh (NC-17, AU, lawyer/client)
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  • Would You Like a Cookie?, by kinkycupid (NC-17, boy scout/stranger)