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tangled in my thoughts these days.

AU : Soccer Players

haven't landed since I fell.

AU : Football Players

  • 1ST & 10: He Did It Again!, by cfriskney (NC-17)
  • A Certain Smile, by elise_509 (NC-17)
  • A Cheerful Initiation, by kinkynicky (NC-17)
  • A Close Shave, by stripytights (NC-17)
  • After Hours, by burned_phoenix (NC-17) (Sequel: Dr. Ackles To The Rescue)
  • All In Knots, by bertee (PG-13)
  • And Walk With Me, by cha & anyothergirl415 (NC-17)
  • Changes Come Around Real Soon, by lotrabc (NC-17)
  • Crush, by riyku (NC-17)
  • Detention, by cas_desespere (NC-17)
  • Dissonance, by surevesta (PG-13)
  • Drive Me Crazy, by godamnarmsrace (R)
  • Epic, by woodsbaile_02 (PG)
  • Even As I Wander (I'm Keeping You In Sight), by heartsonwings (PG)
  • Fundraisers, by dragonspell (NC-17)
  • Hidden Charms, by fiercelynormal (NC-17)
  • How To Do Teenage Drama The Right Way And Still Come Out On Top, by the_milky_way (PG-13)
  • I Got Your Number, by switch842 (NC-17)
  • It's Called a Cliche For a Reason, by bekkis (NC-17)
  • It's What the Headlines Read, wutendeskind (NC-17)
  • Johnson High School Blues, by blueeyedliz (PG-13, **WIP**)
  • Living For The City, by ebcdic (PG-13)
  • Mind Your Manners, by transfixeddream (NC-17)
  • Morale Boosters, by dragonspell (NC-17)
  • More Than a Woman, by dugindeep (NC-17)
  • New York Eyes, Texas Thighs, by wutendeskind (NC-17)
  • One Of The Team, by Anonymous (NC-17)
  • Parental Eggsperiments 'verse, by cha & anyothergirl415 (NC-17)
  • Quarterback 'verse, by rhythmsextion (NC-17)
  • Smoke and Mirrors (And a Little Bit Of Sand), by insertcode11 (R)
  • Strangers When We Met, by myficjournal & saklani2 (NC-17)
  • Sucker Love, by bridgetmc (PG-13)
  • Tension Knots, by sammehsayum (NC-17)
  • The Blount Rule, by paragraph (R)
  • The Screw Fell Out, by sweet_lyri (NC-17)
  • This Boy I Know, by spiders_stars (NC-17)
  • Touch-down, Move in, Let's Score, by stellamira (R)
  • Underneath This Texas Sky, by lostt1 (PG-13)
  • Untitled, by grace_fully (PG-13)
  • What It Is, Is You, by grace_fully (PG-13)
  • Winner Takes All, by Anonymous (NC-17)
  • Work It Out, by eviltwin (PG-13)
  • Working Out the Tension, by offtheceiling (NC-17) (Sequel: Holding Out For More)
  • Worth My While, by byjinder (NC-17) (Also: a sequel)

    And When We Kiss 'verse, by grace_fully
  • And When We Kiss (PG-13)
  • Timestamp: Let My Voice Lead You (PG-13)
  • Timestamp: His Breathing Is Music (NC-17)

    Football 'verse, by bksncleverness (NC-17)
  • Incomplete Passes
  • Incomplete Passes (cont.)
  • The Blitz
  • Third and Goal
  • Quarterback Sneak
  • Timestamp: Weight Training
  • Timestamp: Three Days Without Jared
  • haven't landed since I fell.

    AU : Professional & Olympic Athletes

  • Down The Rabbit Hole, by asteroidbuckle (PG-13)
  • With Glowing Hearts, by zubeneschamali (NC-17)

  • May The Games Be Ever In Jensen’s Favor, by iluvkinkythings (NC-17)

  • And It's a Whole New Ball Game, by kest (NC-17)
  • Bang-bang Play, by drvsilla (NC-17)
  • Jays2 'verse, by qblackheart (NC-17, **WIP**)
  • One For The Good Guys, by cdeacon (NC-17)

  • Speed Limit, by insane_songbird (NC-17)

  • Into His Hand, by drvsilla (NC-17) (Sequels: Seeing Daylight & Gathered Up)
  • Winning The Next Go ‘Round, by silverraven (PG)

  • Losing The Handle, by pennyplainknits (NC-17)

  • Across The Line, by chasethecat (R)
  • An Unlikely Pair, by liquid_nitrogen & deviant_dev (NC-17)
  • Endless Winter of My Solitude, by bauble (R)

  • New York Eyes, Texas Thighs, by wutendeskind (NC-17)
  • Next Man Up, by rhythmsextion (NC-17)
  • Quarterback 'verse, by rhythmsextion (NC-17)

    Football 'verse, by bksncleverness (NC-17)
  • Incomplete Passes
  • Incomplete Passes (cont.)
  • The Blitz
  • Third and Goal
  • Quarterback Sneak
  • Timestamp: Weight Training
  • Timestamp: Three Days Without Jared

  • Across The Line, by chasethecat (R)
  • An Unlikely Pair, by liquid_nitrogen & deviant_dev (NC-17)
  • Endless Winter of My Solitude, by bauble (R)
  • Falling Feels Like Flying (In a Vee), by qblackheart (NC-17)
  • Pucking Around, by kueble (NC-17)

  • Gold Medal Performance, by teand (PG-13)
  • Quatchi's Very Bad Day, by bree_black (PG-13)

    Rollerball, by ladyjanelly (NC-17)
  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Part Four
  • Part Five
  • Part Six

  • Gold Medal Performance, by teand (PG-13)

  • Field Of Play, by wandersfound (NC-17)
  • Fouls, Fights and Football, by bornof_sorrow (NC-17) (Sequel: Part 2)

    Cradle 'verse, by quasianpride
  • Little Boy Blue And The Man In The Moon (NC-17)
  • These Little Wonders (R)
  • Five Times Jensen Ackles Knew He Couldn’t Live Without Jared Padalecki (R)
  • We're All In This Together (R)
  • Put Your Tiny Hand In Mine (R)
  • He Wouldn't Play For Scotland (R)
  • Still Around The Morning After (NC-17)
  • Go To Sleep, Little Angel (PG-13)

  • Gimme Danger, by suckmyspock (NC-17)

  • A Sizeable Problem, by beckaandzac (NC-17) (Timestamp: Sea Salt and Gummi Bears)
  • May The Games Be Ever In Jensen’s Favor, by iluvkinkythings (NC-17)
  • Dive Deep and Swim Far, by __tiana__ (R)
  • More Than Meets The Eye, by alezig (NC-17)
  • What You've Got Is Gold, by kelleigh (NC-17)

  • Dive Deep and Swim Far, by __tiana__ (R)
  • Drop Into The Wave, by lazy_daze (NC-17)

  • One Of The Perks, by guntomyholster (NC-17)
  • Topspin, by lazy_daze (NC-17)

  • This Is The Ultimate, by neros_violin (NC-17)
  • every dream I've ever had.

    Miscellaneous AUs

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  • 20/20 (Snellen Ain't Got Nothing on Jared Padalecki), by apreludetoanend (PG, meet at the eye doctor)
  • 68 Days of Summer, by asteroidbuckle (R, secret agent & yoga teacher)
  • A Crazy Little Thing, by dontknowmyname (NC-17, meet in a bathroom)
  • A Handful Of Rain, by riyku (NC-17, recovering addict/halfway house manager)
  • A Heart Like An Artichoke, by simplymarvie (NC-17, real estate developer)
  • A Kiss to Build A Dream, by cillab42 (NC-17, sports agent)
  • After Ever, by blynnk (NC-17, restaurant manager)
  • All The Stars Above Our Heads, by _mournthewicked (PG-13, hot air balloon pilot)
  • Along The Road To Anywhere, by cherie_morte (PG-13, storyteller)
  • And Good Riddance, by poor_choices (PG, security guard)
  • And Heartbreak Ensues, by tinalia (NC-17, dog trainer)
  • Behold And See, by annella (NC-17, conductor)
  • Brand New Flavor, by emerald_angel9 (NC-17, ice cream maker)
  • But You Just Can't Find The Words, by sweet_lyri (NC-17, editor & publisher)
  • Caged Heat, by insertcode11 (NC-17, cage fighters)
  • Call Me, Call Me, by poor_choices (PG, meet at the gym) (Bonus: Jared's POV)
  • Chasing Prince Charming, by yahnknshadows (NC-17, housekeeper)
  • Christmas Where You Can Find It, by dugindeep (PG, smuggler/cartographer)
  • Civics Lesson, by brutti_ma_buoni (R, meet at a sperm bank)
  • Closed Doors, by germanjj (NC-17, not!AU, find out they're related)
  • Danse Fambeaux, by winterlive (NC-17, Jared practices voodoo)
  • Do You Believe In Love At First Sight, Or Should I Walk By Again?, by tmn1966 (NC-17, house painter)
  • Dollar, by caoscalmo (NC-17, landlord/tenant)
  • Don't Hide Your Light, by laisserais (R, stockbroker)
  • Falling, by morvith (NC-17, squire/knight)
  • Fire Me Up 'verse, by thestarkat (NC-17, rockstar/tour manager)
  • Flushed. In More Ways Than One. by enablelove (PG-13, plumber)
  • Getting Lucky, by rocketbalm (R, real estate developer/video game programmer)
  • God Loveth His Children, by mystic_reader (R, Mormon missionaries)
  • Green Is The New Hot, by strangeallure (NC-17, gardening instructor/student)
  • Hairnet, by dishonestdreams (R, security guard)
  • Hard D, by mistyzeo (NC-17, Ultimate players)
  • Hey Baby, Wanna Upgrade My System?, by cherryscott & cruel_illusion (NC-17, store owner/tech guy)
  • Hometown Boys, by peggy_lane (R, used car salesman)
  • Household Karma, by bewaretheides15 (NC-17, tenant/building super)
  • How To Sell a Guy a House In Six Weeks, by dijisun (NC-17, realtor/client)
  • Hugging At The Post Office, by enablelove (PG, meet at the post office)
  • In Flight Mode, by zubeneschamali (NC-17, flight attendant/passenger)
  • In Paradise, by aelia1980 (NC-17, tailor/client)
  • It's All Happening At The Zoo, by sinnerforhire (NC-17, work at a zoo together)
  • It's Only a Job: Trash!Verse, by emerald_angel9 (NC-17, garbage man)
  • (Lie Back And) Think Of The Queen, by kerfuffling (NC-17, anthropologist)
  • Life's a Kick In This Town, by ignited (NC-17, producers)
  • Like A Detuned Radio, by homo_pink (R, parole officer)
  • Making Fantasies Real, by alycat (NC-17, mailman)
  • Monogatari, by winterlive (NC-17, samurai)
  • Mountie Duck, by glovered (R, Mountie/secret agent)
  • Never As Perfect As In My Head, by (NC-17, editor/author)
  • Never Stuck Around Long Enough For A One-Night Stand, by beckaandzac (NC-17, truck driver/short-order cook)
  • One Small Step, by sandymg (R, publisher/mailroom clerk)
  • Other Duties As Assigned, by tipsy_kitty (NC-17, fishermen)
  • Red Red Wine, I Love You Right From The Start, by rhythmsextion (PG-13, meet in a bathroom)
  • Red Tail, by morrezela (NC-17, fisherman)
  • See Jensen Date, by poor_choices (PG-13, store clerk/editor)
  • Shouldn't I Have All Of This, by tmn1966 (NC-17, meet at the gym)
  • Someplace Warm, by asteroidbuckle (R, tour guide & house painter)
  • Spellbound, by tipsy_kitty (NC-17, hypnotist)
  • Still Staring At The Same Old Sky, by sinnerforhire (NC-17, storm chasers)
  • Stop Me If You've Heard This One, by lexzilla (PG-13, accountant/marketing executive)
  • Sweet Touch, by cleflink (PG, wedding caterer/man of honour)
  • Talking Through a Different Face, by tebtosca (NC-17, empath & healer)
  • The Endearment Series, by crynintherain (NC-17, meet at a bathhouse)
  • The Learning Curve at Wakefield High, by aynslee (NC-17, principal/teacher)
  • The Lengths I Would Go To, by insertcode11 (NC-17, matchmaker/client)
  • The Lumberjack’s Cabin, by Anonymous (NC-17, lumberjack)
  • The Nomad's Slave, by anyothergirl415 (NC-17, nomad hunter)
  • The One With The Pandas In It, by beckaandzac (NC-17, zookeeper)
  • The Subtle Build of Perfection, by rocknrollrodeo1 (NC-17, video store clerk/social worker)
  • The Sweetest Connection, by strive2bhappy (NC-17, carpenter)
  • There's No Parking In The Friend Zone, by dr_ducktator (PG-13, agent)
  • This Wide World, by fromcainwthlove (NC-17, Jensen is Amish)
  • Time To Play B-Sides, by chibifrieza (PG-13, not!AU, in an alternate reality together)
  • To Wake a Captive Dreamer, by sophie_448 (NC-17, marketing executive)
  • Trade, by meus_venator (NC-17, pimp/hooker)
  • Tramps Like Us, by dugindeep (PG-13, meet at a concert)
  • Twists and Turns, by tcs1121 (R, ceramics teacher) (Sequels: And No Two Directions Are Ever The Same & A Paradox)
  • Twisty Bendy, by character_bleed (R, Pilates instructor)
  • Under Falling Leaves, by germanjj (NC-17, not!AU, find out they're related)
  • Under The Sea, by cherie_morte (PG-13, aquarium tour guide)
  • Unfolding, by nerdwegian (R, funeral director)
  • Wavering Within Chiaroscuro, by stella_lost (NC-17, art conservator/art collector)
  • Why I'm Talking To You 'verse, by dugindeep (NC-17, security guard)
  • Yesterdays, by riyku (R, blood brothers)
  • You Found Me, by woodsbaile_02 (PG-13, restaurant owner/take-out customer)
  • You're The World To Me, by joans23 (NC-17, astronaut)