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j2_recs's Journal

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★ J² Recs ★
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Because there's chemistry and then there's CHEMISTRY.


Once upon a time, my Jensen/Jared recs consisted of a ONE PAGE list in my personal journal. Said list started getting a little out of control after a few years, so I created this community to help keep everything better organized. Mostly just for me. And my sanity.

Fast forward to now... and here I am, 500+ posts and counting (fack me).

Anyway, down to business.

In short: If I've read it and I enjoyed it? It's here.

Sorted by theme and alphabetized for convenience, 'cause that's how I roll. (Anal? Me?) All posts are added to and/or updated on a regular basis, all stories are cross-posted to every applicable theme, and all WIPs are very clearly marked. Also, because I'm a sucker for them, pretty much everything I rec has a happy ending.

And hey, it goes without saying, but if you know of any stories I don't have listed, that you thought were fantastic and should be included with a particular theme? Please leave them in comments. I'll be your best friend.

Also, if you'd like to request a theme that isn't already listed: [ click here! ]

Happy porning, people.

*Made by kruel_angel, because he's made of awesome. ♥

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