full frontal nerdity (simplybeing) wrote in j2_recs,
full frontal nerdity


  • A Place in This World, by elless18 (NC-17, AU)
  • Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers!, by giftedstudent (R, AU) (Sequel: Attention, Soccer Fans!)
  • Black Cat And Broomsticks, by anniespinkhouse (PG, AU)
  • Conquest, by legion_of_zelda (NC-17, AU)
  • Found Another Anyhow, by tebtosca (NC-17, AU)
  • Happy, by tehdirtiestsock (NC-17, AU)
  • Hugging At The Post Office, by enablelove (PG, AU)
  • I'm a Bad Bad Babysitter, by deathbymutation (NC-17, AU)
  • If This Is What It Feels Like, by _doodle (R)
  • Just A Spoonful Of Sugar, by __tiana__ (R, AU)
  • Lean On Me, When You're Not Strong, by the_milky_way (PG)
  • Learning To Love Again, by sammyndeansgrl1 (NC-17, AU)
  • Little Girls and Their Toys, by elizabethfaye09 (PG)
  • More Than Just A Pet Sitter, by littlefirefly31 (NC-17, AU)
  • New Babysitter, by Anonymous (R, AU)
  • Not In Front Of The Kids, by poor_choices (PG-13, AU)
  • Not Just Any Little Kid, by littlefirefly31 (NC-17, AU)
  • Rent-A-Santa, by jeyhawk (NC-17, AU)
  • Slip And Slide, by tebtosca (NC-17, AU)
  • Tastes Like Chlorine, by woodsbaile_02 (PG-13, AU)
  • The Joys Of Babysitting, by iftheresakey (G, AU)
  • The One Where Jensen Is a Bank Teller, by arglikeapirate (R, AU)
  • Two Weeks, by timehasa_way (PG)
  • Untitled, by tebtosca (PG)
  • Want Me First and Foremost; Keep Me Company, by poor_choices (PG-13, AU)
  • We Can Make Origami With The Kids For a While, by wanttobeatree (PG)
  • Your Laughter Is My Life, by the_milky_way (R)

    Jailbait 'verse, by kinkynicky (NC-17, AU)
  • Jailbait Tastes Like Cherryade
  • Jailbait Tastes Like Baby Formula
  • Jailbait Tastes Like Cotton Pillows
  • Tags: au, babysit together, babysits the other, babysitters, kidfic

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