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Nieces & Nephews

Stories that involve their nieces and/or nephews (fictional or otherwise).

  • Adventures In Puppysitting, by _mournthewicked (NC-17, AU)
  • An Unexpected Love, by annie46 (NC-17, AU)
  • Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers!, by giftedstudent (R, AU) (Sequel: Attention, Soccer Fans!)
  • Can't Wait To Kiss You, by enablelove (PG)
  • Coming Home, by sinnerforhire (PG)
  • Disaster (This Is a Good One), by aisalynn (NC-17, AU)
  • Drifting Hearts, by hay1ock (R, AU)
  • House, by poor_choices (PG-13, AU)
  • Hugging At The Post Office, by enablelove (PG, AU)
  • If This Is What It Feels Like, by _doodle (R)
  • Just A Spoonful Of Sugar, by __tiana__ (R, AU)
  • Lean On Me, When You're Not Strong, by the_milky_way (PG)
  • Learning To Love Again, by sammyndeansgrl1 (NC-17, AU)
  • Little Bit of Inertia, Little Bit of Momentum, by juice817 (NC-17, AU)
  • Looking For a Lesson In The Periodicals, by matalinolukaret (NC-17, AU)
  • Meet The Padaleckis, by sepherim_ml (NC-17, AU)
  • Monster, by redrum669 (NC-17, AU) (Sequel: Not Waving But Drowning)
  • My Heart’s Beating (Just Because Of You), by alienat (PG-13, AU)
  • Not In Front Of The Kids, by poor_choices (PG-13, AU)
  • Redemption, by ancastar (NC-17, AU)
  • Rent-A-Santa, by jeyhawk (NC-17, AU)
  • Rules Of Engagement, by elless18 (NC-17, AU) (Sequels: You Got Me & Finally Where I Want To Be)
  • Someplace Warm, by asteroidbuckle (R, AU)
  • Tattooed Jensen 'verse, by moviegeek03 (NC-17, AU)
  • The Breath You Take, by alienat (NC-17, AU)
  • The One Where Jensen Is a Bank Teller, by arglikeapirate (R, AU)
  • There Goes My Life, by darkangel86_07 (NC-17, AU)
  • Tidings We Bring, by poor_choices (PG, AU)
  • Two Weeks, by timehasa_way (PG)
  • Untitled, by akintay (G)
  • Your Eyes Outshine The Town, They Do, by c_is_for (G, AU)
  • Your Laughter Is My Life, by the_milky_way (R)
  • Your Love Is My Muse, by yume_odori (R, AU)
  • Tags: kidfic, nieces & nephews

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