full frontal nerdity (simplybeing) wrote in j2_recs,
full frontal nerdity

Network/Cast Parties

Stories that take place (whole, or in part) at a network and/or cast party or event.

  • Ain't Even Done With The Night, by mickeym (NC-17)
  • Back To You (It Always Comes Around), by rhythmsextion (NC-17) (Timestamp: Coming To Terms)
  • Can't Blame It On the Mistletoe..., by thenyxie (R)
  • 'Cause Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night, by rhythmsextion (PG-13)
  • Epic Love 'verse, by poor_choices (R)
  • I'm Gonna Party Like It's 9pm, by mckays_girl (NC-17)
  • It’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate, by itsthedetails (NC-17, not!AU)
  • Love Is a Funny Thing, by dugindeep & tebtosca (NC-17)
  • Misery, I Need Your Touch, by dugindeep (NC-17)
  • Nipples And Cock (But Jensen's Not Gay), by cadi_b (NC-17)
  • Pick Up Your Crazy Heart (And Give It One More Try), by akintay (NC-17)
  • Pink Silk, by misscocky (NC-17)
  • Problems With Easy Solutions, by delicatelight (NC-17)
  • Same Time Every Year, by mollyamory (R)
  • Show Me What You Got, by atimi (NC-17)
  • Slice Like a Ninja, Cut Like a Razor Blade (That’s What Love Can Do To a Guy), by qblackheart (NC-17)
  • So I Called Chad, by germanjj (NC-17)
  • Stall Out, by gospelofus (PG-13)
  • The Bet, by ejtheviking (R)
  • The Only Constant, by lazy_daze (NC-17)
  • The Protocols Of Friendship, by lizzywinks (R)
  • Unmasked, by zubeneschamali (NC-17)
  • Untitled, by akintay (R)
  • Tags: at a cast/crew party, at a network party, at a wrap party, non-au only

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