full frontal nerdity (simplybeing) wrote in j2_recs,
full frontal nerdity


Meeting (and hooking up) before finding out they'll be working on Supernatural together. So, AU but... not?

  • Ain't Even Done With The Night, by mickeym (NC-17)
  • Do You Sleep On Your Stomach? CanI?, by atimi (PG-13)
  • Epic Love 'verse, by poor_choices (R)
  • Let Me Go, by hunters_retreat (NC-17)
  • Object 'verse, by stir_of_echoes (NC-17, **WIP**)
  • OTP 'verse, by strippedpink (NC-17)
  • Slice Like a Ninja, Cut Like a Razor Blade (That’s What Love Can Do To a Guy), by qblackheart (NC-17)
  • Struts and Frets, by hobnailedboots (NC-17)
  • Tags: hook up before supernatural, meet for the first time, non-au only, not!au, pre-supernatural, wip

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