full frontal nerdity (simplybeing) wrote in j2_recs,
full frontal nerdity

AU : Meet In A Grocery Store

  • 100 Days To Domestic Bliss (and Other Messes), by dugindeep (NC-17) (Sequel: Day 405)
  • Are You Finding Everything Okay?, by surevesta (PG)
  • Bananas Are Incredibly Good For You, by lemanya (NC-17)
  • Career Choices, by dragonspell (NC-17)
  • Customer Service, by zubeneschamali (PG-13)
  • Don't Judge A Book, by simplemishap (PG-13)
  • Supermarket Angel, by dragonspell (NC-17)
  • The Bagboy, by huntress69 (NC-17)
  • The Padapandas Courtship, by morrezela (NC-17)
  • This Lane Closed (Or Why Sometimes You Really Should Listen To Your Horoscope), by aisalynn (PG-13)
  • Understanding, by transfixeddream (PG-13) (Sequel: Baby Steps)
  • Us Until The World Ends, by anyothergirl415 (NC-17)
  • Tags: au, meet at a grocery store

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