full frontal nerdity (simplybeing) wrote in j2_recs,
full frontal nerdity


Stories where one or both is bullied (usually in school).

  • All I Need, by xdarkdesires (NC-17, AU)
  • Before, by sandymg (R, AU)
  • Can I Be Pretty Enough For You?, by aythia (NC-17, AU)
  • Can't Get My Head Around You, by earthquakedream (R, AU)
  • Entwined Branches, by strive2bhappy (NC-17, AU)
  • Gone But Not Forgotten, by dont_hate_me01 (NC-17, AU)
  • Heart-Shaped Hole, by tebtosca (NC-17, AU)
  • I Think I Love You (But I Don't Even Know You), by keep_waking_up (NC-17, AU)
  • I'll Be, by fatebegins (NC-17, AU)
  • I'll See You After Class, by silentpoetry1 (NC-17, AU) (Sequel: Four Years Later)
  • Just Give It Time, by fatebegins (R, AU)
  • Life Is Fragile, Handle With Care, by blueeyedliz & dontknowmyname (NC-17, AU)
  • My Problem Is You Make Me Melt, by juice817 (NC-17, AU)
  • Pass It On, by hay1ock (R, AU)
  • Perfect (For You), by tebtosca (R, AU)
  • Pretty Things 'verse, by keep_waking_up (NC-17, AU)
  • Show Me Heaven, by aelia1980 (NC-17, AU)
  • Strangers When We Met, by myficjournal & saklani2 (NC-17, AU)
  • We've Come A Long Way, by radiophile (R, AU)
  • Tags: bullying

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