full frontal nerdity (simplybeing) wrote in j2_recs,
full frontal nerdity

Male Lactation

NOTE: Not all of these are mpreg, but the majority are.

  • Belly For Two Quartets, by krumbler (NC-17, AU)
  • Blood Borne, by obsidianromance (R, AU) (Sequel: Losing What You Never Gave)
  • Breve, by Anonymous (NC-17, AU)
  • Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, by mpregloveranon (NC-17)
  • Cruel Winds, by morrezela (NC-17, AU)
  • Dawnbringer 'verse, by lexicale (NC-17, AU)
  • Everybody Wants To Be A Cat, by weeping_ice (R, AU)
  • From The Source, by Anonymous (R, AU)
  • I Can Give You What You Want, by fatebegins (NC-17, AU)
  • Lait Et Cuir, by xephwrites (NC-17, AU)
  • Milking Daddy, by Anonymous (NC-17, AU, w/JDM)
  • Nature Never Hurries (Except When It Does), by etoile_etiolee (NC-17, AU)
  • The Choices We Make, by bardofthenight (NC-17, AU)
  • The Mountain's King, by onepublicfrog (NC-17, AU, **WIP**)

    The Single Father 'verse, by sockitgood (NC-17, AU)
  • The Single Father
  • Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Graduation
  • First Kicks
  • Movie Night
  • Their Dirty Laundry
  • Tags: kink, male lactation, mpreg, wip

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