full frontal nerdity (simplybeing) wrote in j2_recs,
full frontal nerdity

Roleplaying As Sam & Dean

Happy 3rd anniversary to the community! And happy 30th birthday to what's-his-face! ♥

  • Ain't No Cupid, by cherry916 (R)
  • Best Birthday Ever, by chase_acow (NC-17)
  • Character Bleed, by lazy_daze (NC-17)
  • Crushin' On Dean, by cha (NC-17)
  • Cuz Baby, You're His Other Half, by Anonymous (NC-17)
  • Every Inch a Man, by transposition73 (NC-17)
  • It's a Major Minor Detail, by sazzlette (R)
  • Key To My Heart, by emerald_angel9 (NC-17)
  • Nasty Naughty, by shinywhimsy (NC-17)
  • Role Play, by delanach (NC-17)
  • Roleplay, by sablier_bloque (NC-17)
  • Two Faces Have I, by narkypoon (NC-17)
  • Untitled, by akintay (NC-17)
  • We're Actors, After All, by sablier_bloque (NC-17)
  • What You Need, by dirtywrong (NC-17, also Jensen/OMCs)
  • You Must Be This Tall To Ride, by veronamay (NC-17)
  • Yours By Any Other Name, by thenyxie (NC-17)

    Method Acting, by parenthetical (NC-17)
  • Method Acting
  • Character Bleed
  • Improvisation
  • Tags: established relationship, jensen/omc, kink, non-au only, roleplaying, roleplaying as sam & dean

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