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haven't landed since I fell.

simplybeing in j2_recs

Rape Fantasy (Roleplaying)

  • Can't Be Helped, by sparseparsley (NC-17)
  • Disturbing Stimulus, by the_miss_lv (NC-17, AU)
  • Dress Me Up, Hold Me Down, by lady_krystal_79 (NC-17)
  • Fantasy Fun, by alldunn (NC-17, w/ JDM)
  • From One Twisted Fuck To Another, by hegemony (NC-17, AU)
  • Fucked Over, by dephigravity (NC-17)
  • My Hands Around Your Neck, by spiders_stars (NC-17, AU)
  • Own The Boy, by sylsdarkplace (NC-17, AU)
  • Scream A Little Louder, by bertee (R)
  • Tore, by house_of_lantis (NC-17, AU)
  • Untitled, by Anonymous (NC-17, AU)
  • What You Need, by dirtywrong (NC-17, also Jensen/OMCs)
  • Would You Like a Cookie?, by kinkycupid (NC-17)
  • Comments

    I fucking love that you go from "grocery shopping" to "rape fantasy" LOLOLOL

    Haha! Just trying to keep things random and unpredictable. ;D

    For tomorrow I'm thinking... Citrus fruit dyers? Tap dancers? Airplane repo men? EXTREME DOG GROOMERS, MAYBE?
    The "Scream A Little Louder" link gives an access is denied message.
    Ack! I keep forgetting she moved all her stuff over to AO3-- I changed the link! You can access it now. Sorry for the mix up.


    No problem. Thanks for posting these for us.
    There's this one too: Can’t Be Helped, by sparseparsley. One of the very best, imho. =)
    I was just about to suggest that one! Hot as sin.
    I nearly passed out reading it! ugh ugh ugh.
    Oh yes. Loss of consciousness and spontaneous nosebleeds. The fic should come with warning labels for those!
    Ooh, thank you! I hadn't read that. <3
    ♥ you're welcome! I'm so glad I reccd it here 'cause nobody that loves this trope should miss out on this one! =D
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